Saturday had gone in a blur and Sunday announced itself with a beautiful weather, I didn’t go to church today as I didn’t really plan to plus I had some little stuffs to do at home. I started my day like every other day, I did some quick exercises, washed some my clothes and finally cooked a sumptuous meal that was sure to last me for 3 days, lol really living the student life eh………. 

After all the stress of the day, I got tired, I ate and soon fell asleep only to wake up at around 3.15pm by the call on  my phone, I checked my phone, 16 missed calls already and as I was about to check the phone’s notification another call came in, it was Annie, Shit!!! I had forgotten I had to tutor her on her presentation, I picked and she asked why I had not been picking, she thought I was gonna sly her, I told her I was asleep and she asked if I could come to her house to give her one or two key points, I said yeah and she texted me the address and fortunately it wasn’t far from my house, I ate some more food before wearing my shirt picked up my bag and my phone and headed to her house.

I got to her house about 10 minutes later and she came to pick me at her gate, DAMN!!! She looked way hotter than Aria and Ayoana combined with her onion ass and well shaped body, I gulped and stared unconsciously at her for too many seconds and I guess she must have noticed and laughed and walked me into her crib, it was a real nice place and I admired it, she offered me a drink and I took it then she went inside and I felt it was to get her books, she soon returned some minutes later wearing a very short skirt and a crop top and it only but revealed her shapes and curves….. I GULPED AGAIN. 

We went straight to the topic of the day as I taught her on what she was gonna say and the best points to use, since it was going to be just her I felt the lecturer would not want to engage her to do much, After an hour she said she was tired and we should take a break and I agreed, we were on the same sofa but sitting at the different ends then she asked me a very weird question – JAY, WHAT DO YOU THINK MAKE UP A HUMAN’S MOUTHI was surprised but answered anyways, a tongue, taste buds, teeth etc and she asked another one – WHAT DO OU THINK YOUR TONGUE CAN DO WITH THE RIGHT COMPANY, I laughed because I finally understood what she was driving out and I said It depends and she asked on what, I said it depends on the proximity of the company, she then laughed and said – SHE IS RIGHT HERE STARING AND WISHING YOU WOULD COME DEVOUR HER, I SMILED AND thought in mind well Jay, Here we go again.

There was something about this girl, and that was the way I got attracted to her even before this very moment and deep down I just wanted to make sure she was satisfied, I moved slowly to her and kissed her while she kissed back and I sat beside her and kissed her some more but this time I had my hands already in her crop top as I I played with her nipple and squeezed the nipple too as she made moans that turned me on instantly, She kissed with a kinda passion that I couldn’t understand and I felt myself drawn to her with every kiss that went deeper, I removed her crop top as she removed my polo shirt, leaving us both naked waist down and we resumed the kissing again but this time with more urgency, I left her lips and went straight to those boobs and use my tongue to greet the nipples who had missed me and she held my head so close to her chest as she moved closer towards me, My dick was screaming to be free as my hard-on couldn’t contain itself in its captivity and as if she read my voice she made me stad up and unbuttoned my fly, when she saw the dick, she looked at it and at my face two times and with a smile that of an angel she took it WHOLE in her mouth.

She then went on her knees cause she really admired her lollipop, she slowly licks from the balls up to tip and she loves how well the lollipop is curved, she looked me in the eye and said a little prayer to the nurse that must have circumcised me and we both laugh.  Well it went in dry and came out soggy, she makes it all sloppy, twirling round the cap for a while before taking him in her mouth again, she gags when she takes it all in her mouth but smiled cos she loves it, she flicked her tongue and made love to the Dick with her mouth while gently massaging the balls, the hardness of the Dick is making her wetter and she was ready to get her pussy stretched.

I lay her back on the SOFA AS I TOO KNELT DOWN AND PARTED HER LEGS to repay all the kindness she just showed my dick, I kissed her pussy three times as if I was about to perform a ritual and gently used the tip of my tongue to play around her going in circles as she shook and vibrated and not to forget those moans of hers that could make a man cum , then without warning I plunged in the pussy and ate it with so much passion that she blessed me repeatedly, I tongue-fucked and made sure her pussy was squeaky clean and still gave her some more, I felt a little bit of vibration from her again and she screamed out – JAY, I’M CUMMMMINNGGGGGG, AND SHE DID….  

I sat on the sofa as she sat on my dick and gave me the best riding I had had all year, the way she moved her waist and the way she synced her moans with each penetration was so perfect and the sex was only gonna blow our minds each as she got wetter and I got more harder, she rode me some more and io stood up carrying her in my hands as I pounded her pussy while standing as she moaned and screamed my name while confessing the pussy was all mine, I put her down and made her suck my dick a little more as I contemplated on what to do to her, I looked around and the sitting room had a rug on it and an idea popped into my head, I made her lay on the ground on her tummy and I spread her legs a bit  and entered her from behind, this was supposed to be doggie but this was the advanced part as I was so deep inside her and never wanted to be out, I started very slowly as I fucked and kissed her neck simultaneously and after a while she arched her head backwards to kiss me for some seconds and I fucked her gently and mildly, she tehn asked if I was pitying her by not going any faster and I smiled and said I didn’t wanna hurt her, she laughed and said – CMON JAY, I CAN TAKE IT, POUND THAT PUSSY FOR IT’S ALL YOURS, AND I DID, as if it was a command sent to my brain, I increased the tempo hitting her right spots and she told me she wanted it faster and I did as I fucked her even faster and she screamed the more, I made sure her ass clapped AND I MADE SURE HER PUSSY SPOKE, Being all wet, each thrust was met by a slurpy sound and she moaned some more as I increased the tempo even faster, with our body sweats fusing and the onion ass staring before me and the crazy sensation this pussy was giving me I was very sure to cum soon and she, as if reading my thoughts screamed again –JAY, I THINK I AM GONNA CUM AGAIN IF YOU KEEP FUCKING ME LIKE THIS, And that was all I needed to even pound her faster and she got to her knees and stayed on all fours and arched her waist in such an angle that u were guaranteed to cum in minutes, a I fucked her she said harder and I did and we both reached climax at the same and I collapsed on her with my dick still in her as I came in her sweet pussy, she let out a hard laugh and said in a joking tone – JAY, YOU ARE THE BEST EVER, SURE YOU DONT WANNA MAKE BABIES??

I TAUGHT HER ON THE REMAINING STUFFS that needed to be worked on and I went home feeling so accomplished lol and while being lost in thought I mistakenly bumped in to a lady who was working home too, I apologized and stopped to look at the black beautiful sweetness before me, I quickly complimented her smile and she laughed, I asked what her name was and she said it was  ECSTASY, we exchanged numbers and I promised to call her.

SEEMS we have a new  chick on the block but would anything transpire between us?? CATCH US NEXT WEEK FOR ANOTHER HOT EPISODE. 



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