We nailed the Presentation as expected and got a whopping 15/20 on the scoresheet, not bad at all for a hard week’s work and we were all happy, I still couldn’t get the threesome with the ladies over my head and I still had hard-ons just by mere thinking about them, I thought of what AYOANA told me about Saturday which was the next day, I mean I wanted to meet her but I didn’t Want to sound too desperate if I called so I just chilled and hoped that She would call, fast forward later that Friday night, my phone rings and of course it’s her, ‘Hi, So you refused to call me all this while right?’ and I had to lie ‘Not really babe, I had some errands to run for a project but I was going to call you tomorrow’, she chuckled and said okay, She asked if our plans for the next day were still In place and what did you expect me to say if not a big capital letter YES, she said ‘Jay, I’m so going to fuck you up tomorrow with my pussy‘ and I was like ‘I can hardly wait’
Next Day – D-Day
I woke up to a crazy text from her; ‘Hey pretty boy, hope you get really hard while reading this cos I couldn’t get you out of my head all night, anyways my pussy is squeaky clean just for you and I can’t wait to ride on your dick like a good cowgirl‘, well her hopes came to pass, I had a hard-on thinking about her and couldn’t wait till our meet… It was Saturday so it was a little bit of a tasking event at home, had to get the whole house clean while heading out to get some groceries later, at about half past 3 she called me and asked if she should be on her way, well her house was less than 10 minutes away and I was done with the chores at home so I asked her to come; ‘Make sure you are not wearing any panties’ was my last words to her and she laughed and said okay…
She got to my place wearing a pink gown which revealed so much of her curves and I realized she was way hotter than I thought the first time, she had a bag with her so I guess her clothes were in it, I welcomed her in and she took her seat on the couch, I asked if I could offer anything and she said she wanted to take a shower, I took her to the bedroom and showed her were the bathroom was, She removed her clothes in my presence and asked that I joined her in the shower, I smiled and obliged to her demands, The Shower rained downed mercilessly on our bodies as we held each other there naked, I brought up her face to meet mine and leaned in for a kiss which she returned with much assurances attached to it, we kept on kissing as the shower relentlessly poured on us as I kissed her neck and grabbed her ass with both my hands, while still on her lips, I let my right hand stray to boobs as my fingers played around her areola and erect nipple, I soon replaced my hand with my mouth as she let out a moan which meant I was doing the right thing, with my mouth still savoring the deliciousness of her tender and round, soft boobs, my fingers stray further down but this time to the mystery between her legs as I finger fuck her and suck her boobs at the same time and she held my head screaming my name…. I soon started kissing all the way down as I knelt on one knee and made her put one leg over my shoulder while she stood on her other leg, I was gonna eat her pussy next but first I had to say the grace and hoped she blessed me, and she did, her moans filling the whole bathroom walls, her hands searching around my hair as she felt pure and undiluted Ecstasy; she mumbled something about I being the best but I couldn’t hear much as the shower didn’t stop throwing its vibes to the mix, I made sure it was all about her in the bathroom as I gave her pussy full attention for 20 minutes and I asked we went back inside…
We were in the room and she lay on the bed as her legs were shaking, maybe it was the cold or maybe someone had just reached an orgasm, anyways I lay beside her and kissed her gently while waiting for her to recuperate and then from no where she looked at me and said; ‘Babe, I want a 69 right now‘, well who am I to say no, she turned around and sat her pussy on my face while she took over at the other side, Well it’s always good to return the favor but it’s even better when u return the favor simultaneously… WITH the way she sucked and cared for my dick, I think it made her excited, it was like she felt like a baby who is given a lollipop and of course you know how babies won’t want to bite the lollipop cause they don’t want it to get finished fast but in this case its not finishing and she could go on as far as she could, She was so good at sucking me that I started having thoughts of getting married to her (YEAH, IT WAS THAT GOOD), She then sat on my dick as she began to ride me, the way she wiggled her waist in a Dirty whine and Slow Teasing way, u did think she would take Shakira heads up in a battle and win, her moans made me go crazy as she made sure she was the one driving me go ecstasy land instead…. After a while I lay her by the side as we started the spooning position, slowly I started as I thrusted in and out like I was in no rush and she made her waist meet my every thrust, Little by little I went faster as took one leg up to allow full and a deeper penetration and I made sure I filled the hole with the whole length of my dick, She sat up and went on all fours as she arch her waist in ways you would see a pornster do as she asked me to fuck her hard and deep as we went for the Doggie position and Damn what a run it was!!!! The way we fucked was like two planets had collided and there was no room for the aftermath as we both talked dirty, fucked dirty and nasty, it was some Freaky stuff as she kept on saying those words ‘fuck me daddy’ ‘you know I’m your bitch jay’ ‘Fuck me like you miss me daddy’ and my it really drove me bonkers… We went on for a very long time and we finally came at the same time and we both collapsed on the bed breathing heavily and then we both started laughing, She was like; ‘I don’t think any one would ever fuck me like that in my lifetime‘ and I laughed and said ‘I think your pussy is priceless’, we both laughed some more and she told me she wouldn’t be staying the night but she would come see me soon for another Bout, She went to the bathroom and washed up while I went in after she was out and did so too…
Then she wore the other cloth in her bag and I walked her to a distance very close to her house and proceeded to walk back, my phone rang and it was Anita Campbell, the last girl from our presentation but who missed out on it, she said she has spoken to the lecturer and he asked her to meet me before she could do her make up test, well I said I was free for the next day and she invited me to her house…
 Who am I to say no????
Updates on what transpired at her place next week…..
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