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Italian Judge Jailed For Trading Sentences For Sex Favours





An Italian appeals judge was arrested on Wednesday after investigations revealed that he accepted money, gifts and sexual favours to issue favourable verdicts for defendants.

The judge, Marco Petrini, served in Catanzaro, a town in the southern Calabria region from where the fearsome ‘Ndrangheta Mafia hails.

According to prosecutors, he repeatedly received “considerable sums of money, precious objects, other goods and services including sexual favours.’’

In return, he acquitted or issued reduced sentences for defendants in civil, criminal and Inland Revenue cases. The judge was also a member of a tax litigation court.

When officers searched his home, they found an envelope with 7,000 euros (7,800 dollars) in cash, and investigations revealed that the man was heavily in debt.

Prosecutors said seven other people were placed in pre-trial detention, and an eighth suspect is under house arrest adding that they have started investigating the case in 2018. (dpa/NAN)

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